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HEY. I’M VAUGHN LITTRELL. I practice mortgage finance a little differently. The importance of a house, of a home to the well-being of a family, to the well-being of YOUR family, has never been lost on me. After 16 years of business, I take this responsibility very seriously and I’m proud that with this experience I can serve you and your family better than ever. Purchases, refi’s, new home buyers/FHA — and perhaps most importantly, VA loans to help the men and women who’ve served — I got you covered.

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Buying a new home? First time home-buyer, or an old pro? We have you covered. We have the experience and the network of lenders and the best, hard-working realtors in Colorado Springs to ensure as quick, as painless, as efficient a process as possible.

Looking to refinance and take advantage of the equity you’ve built in your existing home? Excellent rates, lenders, appraisers and professionals to make this process work for you. Let us help!

If you’re a new home-buyer and would like to take advantage of an FHA loan to help minimize the size of your down-payment, we can help. FHA loans require a certain expertise and level of competence—skills that we excel at. Give us a SHOUT if you have any questions.

You’ve worked hard, you’ve put your life on the line for this country, and now it’s time to reap some of the benefits. Did you know that your service might qualify you for a home loan without any downpayment? There are some immense benefits to financing through the VA; but there are also some hazards and pitfalls. Let us help you navigate the process quickly and efficiently.

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